Please find below links to publications, exhibition reviews and articles.


Exhibitions: Art Month Sydney; Chances we take

Kids bedroom decorating ideas: Three colour winner; Vale, H. 27/09/12

Jane Fontane; COMODAA. 2011


Home Beautiful (Australia) Magazine: Homes; McCooe, A. August 2011

YOUNG GUNS SUMMER SHOW; Artbase. 20/07/11

Young Guns Summer Exhibition at COMODAA Gallery London; Anthonywhite. 27/06/11

Interview | Jonny White of COMODAA; Yellowtrace. 19/03/10

The Colour: Aussie Culture in Pictures. 03/10

Australia Now: Contemporary Art; White, T. 24/10/09


 Australia Now, Exhibition guide; COMODAA. 16/09/09 


McGrath Magazine: For the love of art; Rafferty, M. 06/06/09

Nine of Australia’s Finest Contemporary Artists Hit London for Two Weeks This September; Advance. 23/07/09


Australian Art Review: The rise of the new; Buratti, R. Issue 16, August-October 2008

Youth Off The Streets presents Hip Pop 2008; Two Flat Whites. 18/12/08

Jane Fontane: Modern art, the creative process & her latest exhibition; Webster, S. 17/12/08

Hip Pop @ United Galleries Fri Nov 28; Ween. 27/11/08

The rise of the new; Australian Art Review. 09/10/08



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