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Invite-finFACEBOOKJanefontane. NEW SHOW. Solo show. lucky-beerTHUMBOpening night:  5pm TUESDAY 19th MARCH 2013. KUDOS Gallery. 6 Napier St Paddington. Proudly Sponsored by Lucky Beer.

The construction of identity throughout the formative years of a person’s existence provides the foundations of who they become.  The construction of the work reinforces a connection to the formation of identity which is embodied by the layering process common to it and printmaking. The partnership of nature and nurture creates us all and the core of this investigation is the notion that we are all elaborated out of our time, place and history. Chances We Take therefore is, at once, a youth lost and a youth regained and the exhibition is a celebration of play, an opportunity to enjoy, re-live and experience childhood once more.  The human condition then, is, layered, and correctly registered, to create a whole. Similarly, each of us are aggregations, we are the print.

JANE FONTANE. NEW SOLO SHOW! Opens 19th November. Presented By Syndicate Gallery Danks St. Preview from the 15th November. Click image above for all details. AND for a bigger image.


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Work by janefontane featured in Home Beautiful Magazine. ‘How to create rooms with style’  Featured work: “It’s hard to be your hero” 2009 (click on image below for a larger picture – for whole article click here – 8MB file)


Young Guns, Gallery Maya 28 Chepstow Place, Notting Hill. 21st June – 30th June, 2011

comodaa summer show invite, jane fontane, young australian artist, london show


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